About Us

Vidyashree Charitable Trust

Since the beginning of human existence, man have always been engaged in reflection & investigation in every possible dimension. Our forefathers tried to preserve these quests for the generations to come through several means. This desire to protect & express their knowledge was manifested through various symbols, singns, languages, scripts & means of transmission, which are known by the name vidya (knowledge, science). Today we are engaged in new pursuits, and the knowledge of or forefathers, seen to be outdated, is being neglected. In this way, our traditional sciences, arts & knowledge are disappearing day by day.

India is the oldest civilization that still services. For millennia, it has managed to keep alive knowledges, sciences & philosophy, transmitted from master to disciple, which is represent the oldest living culture & wisdom of mankind to which we still can have access. India is thus a  repository of great vidyas which constitute a veritable treasure of human culture. There is today & urgent need to protect & preserve this rich & deep lore. With the view to accomplish this high objective, vidyashree charitable trust has been founded in the cultural capital of India, kashi.

It is our wish that you also should collaborate in this important & endeavour to safeguard all or ancient traditional knowledge for the future generations.

Vidyashree Dharmarth Nyas

To promote Indian culture, values, basic principals of Indian philosophy & knowledge, To help the persons & institution who are devoted to tradition but who lack the economic means to do so. To protect damaged old manuscripts, edit & publish their contents.